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As a web developer, my number one influencer in my life right now is Gary Vaynerchuk also known as “GaryVee”, he is a perfect example of someone that puts out almost daily content on social media and his business websites through storytelling. Web Developers (in my opinion) almost on a daily basis document what they’re working on, that would include platforms like Github,, CodeWars, and Stack Overflow. Each of which allows developers to post the issues they’re having or contributing to a project on Github. This is what I would call “documenting and not creating content”, it’s progress towards fixing or improving a feature for their website or app.

Documenting And Creating Content

Many independent developers and web/marketing agencies consistently post fresh content on their blogs and social media profiles for brand awareness & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. As agencies and developers publish to their social media or blogs, they’re actually documenting and creating content that describes their journey. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with original ideas, but you can look at your competitors to get ideas. Another direction could be looking at different mediums that your competitors aren’t utilizing such as Snapchat or creating a podcast.

The Different Mediums

Each social media platform provides its own way of presenting content, for example, Twitter allows you to share a piece of content in 280 characters, while Instagram uses photos. The call-to-actions are different, your following can be different. Google, for example, doesn’t like duplicate content on websites, but the difference here is Twitter and Instagram aren’t handled together. The different mediums will allow you to publish the same content but have slight differences to appeal to the users for that platform.

Building Your Personal Brand

Documenting and creating fresh content on a regular basis gives potential employers, tech recruiters, and general readers a sense of time of your progress as you put out content. Becoming a resource of information of your niche market shows you want to build your online presence and influence others to contribute as well. Calgary has a growing tech community and publishing new content on your experiences can lead to you meeting other devs and potentially new employment opportunities!

The Potential Growth in Social

“Storytelling” – Since 2009, I’ve been slowing building my presence online with Twitter which I now have over 1,300 followers as of a few weeks ago. Most of my tweets generate between 100-200 impressions on average. Considering this is my first blog post ever, my following has the potential to grow more as a publish new posts and launch new projects. My Instagram following isn’t nearly as strong as other web developer pages, but I do have the potential with this blog.

Putting It Together

Through storytelling on a blog, posting on Stack Overflow, or on social allows you to build a following. It generates interest and potential business opportunities. Documenting and creating content consistently allows your readers to learn from you and better yourself long term.

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